Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  Can I view the vehicles listed on this website before I book one of them ?

Yes by all means  , but .....

Please keep in mind that the vehicles on this website belongs to a lot of different people and are not stored in one location

so to view the vehicle you want to book we have to arrange with the owner of that vehicle to contact you to make a date that suits you both .

Question 2: How to I know that its safe to book a vehicle form ?

The Vehicles on this website gets verified that they exist (fica'd) by us to make sure that you as the customer does not get scammed

the photos of cars on this site is of the actual car and not just some random photo lifted off the internet

Question 3: Can I please book the car on your site ( but in blue please  - not the black one in the photo ) ?

The cars in the photos on this site is the actual cars advertised for hire . If the car in the spesific color is not listed its not available

( we can however have a car spray - wrapped in the color you want , but that will be for the customers cost )

Question 4: My son wants to drive one of the cars to the matric ball himself . Where can we pick it up and drop it off ?

Unfortunately NOT possible !

All the cars on this website is chauffeur driven and is provided with a driver - self drive is not an option

Question 5: Please send me a pricelist of the cars available for my event on dd/mm/yyyy

We unfortunately do not have a pricelist to send as the prices of the cars for hire on this site is taylormade for your spesific event .

prices will depend on the spesific car you want to book , how long you want to book the car for and the distance that car has to travel to get to your pick up point , event locations and back to its place of origin again